BrainSpeeder 3.4

Trains the user's cognitive skills and attention levels through games
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Memorize colors and digits, solve simple math equations, find missing numbers from a sequence or try other fun and challenging games that will keep your brain in shape.

Play addictive games for the brain – Train your brain with real fun !!! BrainSpeeder Brain Games is a collection of brain teasers and brain training games for the whole family. It helps you to increase brain power, attention and cognitive skills. Train your brain with various free brain games.
The free brain training math games are an excellent way to stimulate, improve and train your brain. You can compare your brain power scores in our online league tables with other players solving brain teasers and playing brain games.
Brain training on your own is also possible - just use the brain fitness program offline without the stress of world-wide competition! Your ranking in some selected online brain training contests is listed in the high score tables below.

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